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"I exist by not thinking about anything. It will all work out."

Loretta's Bio

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Clockwise from top left:

"Judistist" $1100
"Granie" $2700

"Morison" $2200
"Parrish" SOLD
"Pulic" SOLD

"Adience" $1200

My inspiration comes from the textures I saw around animals when I was a young child. These textures would appear around a animal whenever I'd wonder what this creature was like. The textures flowed around the body, much like fungi on trees in the forest. Certainly just as individual! Some time after I started primary school, these appearances gradually ceased appearing. Many years later, I eventually learnt to call them "plasticities." As a child, I thought good-mannered people just don't speak of these things. Now, as an adult, I'm all into plasticity.

The thing is, every person has a texture. I am very aware that most people would laugh at this, I sure can score very highly in IQ tests!

Although it's nearly half a century since I started seing textures, the emotions have been indelibly etched into my mind, and so I love to incorporate these textures in my work. I am turned on by the textures as if they are alive!.